Lost In Laos (Part 3) - Kuang Si Waterfalls & Butterfly Park

11:32 PM

Day four in Laos was a pretty chillax day, where we spent most of our time at the typical tourist hot spots. Personally, I didn't think it was a particularly rewarding day since I hardly got to experience the culture/lifestyle of Laos as compared to the days before.

Our first stop was to Ock Pop Tok Living Craft Center, where we got to see how some of Lao's silk scarves or embroidered handicrafts were made. This business was started by an English woman and a local, as they produced these textile products for international communities.
I thought it was smart that they utilized what skill sets some of the Lao people had with their handicraft to give them a stable job and wage, because not everyone in Lao had a proper paying occupation aside from the family farms they own or the food they make for their own personal use.

I could keep going on about this topic and my viewpoint on volunteerism around the world (a couple of us were discussing it during the trip) but I shall not start an argumentative essay...

 photo _MG_0002_zpsxfqbpcja.jpg
 photo _MG_0011_zps6uurxtyw.jpg
 photo _MG_0009_zpsyreanugr.jpg
 photo _MG_0034_zpsny1ay7fx.jpg
 photo _MG_0038_zpsqypa5hlh.jpg  photo _MG_0041_zpsbqpzuxm0.jpg
 photo _MG_0044_zpspcphbe89.jpg
 photo _MG_0028_zpsjx8znggj.jpg
 photo _MG_0019_zpsuqnreubv.jpg
 photo _MG_0032_zpsqxvtdro6.jpg

After we left the craft center, we headed for the Kuang Si Butterfly Park and Waterfalls.

The waterfalls could've been quite the scenic view, but it was swarmed with tourists from all over the globe in their swimsuits, doing somersaults and life-threatening stunts I swore I saw a few of them injured lol. I think I would have gone swimming if I had the choice, but with the limited free and easy time given to us, some of us decided to go for the tramp up to the peak of the waterfall instead.

It was a super steep and slippery tramp up, I almost lost my footing a couple of times and it's a pity we did not actually get to complete the whole trail due to time constraints. We had to make our way back to the van to reconcile with everyone else when the sun was about to set.

I wanted so badly to take a photo at the edge of the waterfall!!

 photo _MG_0064_zpskxrkjlze.jpg
 photo _MG_0107_zpsw4sggsps.jpg
 photo _MG_0149_zpspjzhxrfb.jpg
 photo _MG_0088_zps1pritxpl.jpg
 photo _MG_0153_zpsho7iz2t7.jpg
 photo _MG_0154_zpsgjydw4cw.jpg
 photo _MG_0176_zpscyf4si2e.jpg
 photo _MG_0191_zpsfm1z9hdq.jpg
 photo _MG_0174_zpsex6xm9ea.jpg  photo _MG_0199_zpsqtslvbl6.jpg
 photo _MG_0202_zpstkhlrdgw.jpg
 photo _MG_0257_zpskbd0eno9.jpg

That's pretty much it for the day. It was relatively short and I wish there were more activities planned for the night but... I shall not complain. I do hope for more opportunities to cover more treks but I suppose not everyone's into that physically exhausting pursuit HAHA.

I had the intention to update this space at least twice/thrice a week but I've been battling some sort of skin allergy reaction to toxins lately, so I was occupied. It's one of the worst tortures ever, seeing yourself getting scarred from the irritating red patches, and I can't wait for this phase to pass. I just went to the doctor's today to get a jab, and hopefully the swelling will stop soon because my legs are already as ugly as it is now...

On a side note, I'm gonna start work in the coming week! Finally, I've got some things on my plate because I was starting to get bored with the ample amount of time I have on my hands. Which reminds me, I should probably kickstart my road to getting back my beach body before summer comes around... I have been so unhealthy lately.

We spent day five of Laos being farmers for the morning/afternoon!

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