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It's finally the term break!! Or not, since I still have some lessons this week and a ton of assignments and projects to complete. I don't remember ever being this occupied before I got myself into mass comm, and honestly I'm not sure if I embrace this busyness.

I haven't mentioned my poly life much, other than the occasional incessant rants about the never-ending workload. And that means that this is one of my very few blogposts introducing my poly friends? LOL.

So on Tuesday, I met up with Jolaine, one of my very few close friends in mass comm, after we decided that no matter how much work we had, we were going to take some time to chill at a cafe and have a good meal. How Jolaine and I met was really just mere coincidence - Brandon happens to be classmates and close friends with her boyfriend since year 2 started, so we kind of hung out when Brandon and his poly friends met though we weren't that close then. But now that we're in the same class, taking almost the same electives together, we kinda got closer.

 photo IMG_9599_zpsftzceeg7.jpg
 photo IMG_9598_zpslnwltmpd.jpg
 photo IMG_9626_zps4wywpi7e.jpg
 photo IMG_9609_zps1aechou3.jpg
 photo IMG_9605_zpsnbzgsk2w.jpg  photo IMG_9622_zpskdoi7j71.jpg
 photo IMG_9612_zpsuzgn9fdn.jpg
 photo IMG_9618_zpsfprfwviw.jpg
 photo IMG_9616_zpsb8cehbtr.jpg
 photo IMG_9624_zpsemcbqkj9.jpg

We settled on Kilo at Pact based on a couple of Instagram photos and it was a really photo-worthy place! While the food may not exactly be the most aesthetically appealing with all the sprouts and random vegetables, it's actually pretty good? I got myself the pan-seared salmon donburi bowl with sushi rice (you get to choose between sushi rice, brown nice or quinoa) while Jolaine got herself the tempura prawn.
Considering how it's relatively healthy, I pretty like it LOL and the vinegar with the rice really makes everything taste a whole lot better! If you want to be super healthy, you should go with quinoa.

Then there's the drinks (some citrus thing and mocha), and the lemon tart which was meh.

And there will always be room for desserts!! After chatting over our rice bowls and desserts for quite some time, we moved on to have cakes at Lady M, which I've been dying to try in forever?! Their new outlet at Orchard is such a sight.

 photo IMG_9639_zpsrptddpzq.jpg
 photo IMG_9629_zpsisgivh0w.jpg
 photo IMG_9634_zpsnmq43h8c.jpg  photo IMG_9631_zpsjaw2vtul.jpg

We got the green tea mille crepe and strawberry short cake, and we loved both. Are we living the tai tai life??

I never really had that many friends in poly, simply because... I am quite the awkward and seemingly cold person. But I'm just awkward most of the time and I am not good with conversations.

Jolaine happens to be the few people I really click with because we have a lot in common? We share a similar sense of humour, have similar job scopes and even boyfriends from the same course LOL. Okay that was quite gay and lame but yeah you get my drift.
Now that there's a first, I guess this means more ventures with her in the near future hehe.

I spent the rest of my Tuesday doing work and catching up with Miao Lin and Trisha over Starbucks/Tiong Bahru Bakery.

 photo 8DD1FADF-05B0-430D-81ED-FF23D9760352_zpsudc4qqoc.jpg  photo 878480B0-4DC3-4FA9-921F-CA19A2FE8B43_zps9gyhzcao.jpg
 photo F347485A-8983-46B2-B1D4-D7C2951AD075_zpsfaj4wvre.jpg  photo 70EDCD89-0324-443A-94EA-A31B4696ECFF_zpsncnjh2xd.jpg

As for a couple of hours ago, it's work at Ohvola again but we had an outdoor photoshoot! Omg the Korean model is really such a stunning beau I can't even. Plus, Ohvola's upcoming collection is really impressive I can't wait to get my hands on some of their pieces!! Haha I'm no longer sure if shopping while working is doing my bank any good.

That's pretty much it for the day! I'll be having some kickass plans for the weekends, so till then x.

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