When you're a still rain or a hurricane.

2:04 AM

I haven't blogged in a while.

School's been hectic, work's been crazy. My life is a mess in more ways than one and I'm not sure if the things that I'm indulging in is keeping me together or causing things fall apart. I'm just kinda in the 'we do the things we said we'd never do' phase and I'm just getting by with the #blameyouryouth attitude. That's pretty much my life summarised in the past two weeks, when I've been pretty inactive on social media.

On a side note, today's (or rather yesterday since it's past midnight) the first day of #ohvolamoveoutsale! I've recently worked on a stop motion video (up on their blog) for the promotion of the sale and it was quite a tedious process. But I'd always love working with Ohvola because I get to do the things I like, and have a very warm and encouraging team throughout the months I've been there. It's sad thinking that I might (just might) have to stop once internship starts next semester, but I'm still gonna try juggling two jobs. Haha yeah how usually typical of me to pile too much things on my plate and then stress myself out later.

For more details on the move out sale, head down to the ohvola site or follow them on instagram @ohvola. The sale is taking place up till 26th May so you should definitely drop by to grab yourself some apparels. I grabbed some myself HAHAHA omg nothing beats shopping while working!! Or you can always come down and pay me a visit hehe.

That's basically it for now. This is how I'm spending my weekend - work.

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