We all end up doing the things we said we would never do.

12:24 AM

It's been a pretty happening Friday night and weekend with some friends. It's one month anniversary to the party crew, though Ziman and I are the only sole survivors present for all four weeks of rachet weekends. I'm not sure if eventful is the right word to use LOL.

But as Ziman mentioned, "the only people who's like us is us" HAHAHA and that's like... Our seven years of friendship all summed up in a phrase. Hopefully our plans for a vacation this June would actually work out because I really do need a break from school. It's week four and I'm already... Let's not go there.

Anyway, Japan part 3 will be up pretty soon! I've been waaaay too occupied this week with commitment of sorts. 
And I've also decided to revive my ask.fm/bitterbubblegums LOL. I created it two years ago and have never replied any questions since after I signed up?? Well, I still pretty miss formspring.me/bittercherries (HAHAHA if you still remember that shit) but everyone moved on from it. ):
My ask.fm's pretty dead but if you've anything to ask about Japan, my course/modules and whatnot, just drop me a question. It seems like quite some friends are asking me about Japan so I thought I might as well leave a platform for anons to ask as well :)

Till then, I just gotta survive another three more weeks to the June break!!

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