The party glitter in our veins.

6:13 PM

This is a sidetrack from my constant bombardment of Japan trip posts.

The night all started with a typo. Coupled with some spontaneous responses and a yolo attitude, I basically pushed aside all work for my very first (and awesome) club experience in my life. I'm already 19 and yesterday is only the first time I've been to Zouk...

But it's k because almost everyone else I went with were club virgins HAHAH. Big thanks to Kenny and Mink who knew their way around things and we had a pretty kickass night. I'm not a fan of crowded places and neither is Brandon but we both had quite a lot of fun?! It's not the grinding, getting of asses or the alcohol (though it certainly played its part). I really think it's the friends you're with that makes the best out of your night.

I have been partying and drinking almost every weekend for three consecutive weeks already (the first being a staycation at Sentosa and the second being Zhiyi's birthday staycation at Studio M). Do I have a life? LOL idk I want answers too.

In fact, I still remember how Ziman and I were both like, "babe I don't know how to bloody dance" or "your slut game not strong" and well well looks like all that doesnt matter because we do have all that 'party glitter in our veins' HAHAHA.

 photo IMG_9512_zpsha5fdld1.jpg  photo IMG_9515_zpsuawmgum2.jpg  photo IMG_9513_zpsjgjior0n.jpg

It's been a weird combination of friends from all over the place but somehow, these nights hold the memories that I will never cease to forget. In all the years I've spent leading up to 19, these reckless nights will be ones I will tell stories of. They are the ones I will laugh back on in reminiscence when we get older. The flashing lights, Ziman's futile attempts at screaming into my ears , Jarren and Kelvin with their socialising gimmicks, us with the crazy laughters and stupid smiles on our faces. We were invincible.

"And in this moment, I swear we are infinite."

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