Still alive but barely breathing.

9:00 AM

It's 9th December. It's not really a special date or anything, but it makes this blog one year old. Well technically, this blog is a few years old but since I moved my old archives somewhere else last December, this should be considered a renewed space too.

Last December, I remember feeling a whole lot of shit coming down on me from school, assignments and just life in general. Right now, I'm feeling pretty much the same way.

A lot has changed since poly, and I probably should've restarted this space the moment I got into poly, but I was always unwilling to let the past go. It's better late than never I guess, and right now, I couldn't be more grateful to myself for the decision I made.

Certainly, I have had a lot of pleasant (insane even) memories with a whole bunch of people, and I would never want to forget those times. But sometimes, looking back on those days ain't getting me anywhere. I thought being seventeen was tough game, but being eighteen is just a whole different level of shit altogether.

 photo 5F58E4AF-1BBD-4479-9F4C-A4135B707E71_zpsi0tyyssu.jpg  photo 90F2D8CC-005B-4E07-9C8F-48A22C46CF53_zpszkxec2ui.jpg  photo 99F4FB42-8AF1-49A6-93B7-8909A5AB6591_zps1iy5mtse.jpg
 photo 18024DDF-3CAF-447C-B143-DAC43209213B_zps866ezpad.jpg  photo D7881A66-025C-4142-AAB4-984FA205F2FC_zpspkwyhxj9.jpg  photo DAC12264-2169-4DDB-9453-DF9DA3ABA694_zpsien4s362.jpg

This is how growing up feels like. I gotta keep telling myself that. So many things have inevitably changed, and I wonder how the 16 year-old me would react if she were to see me as I am today. I'm pretty sure the me in primary school would rather die than be where I am today.

It's hard to say. To everyone else, I can't be having it that bad. Well, yeah. Maybe. After all, I do have the best boyfriend, and presumably enough time or cash on my hands. What's wrong with me?

But I'm always fighting this battle inside me which I can't seem to ever win.

I guess you can count on this space to contain all my rants while I'm still this immature and naive. Cheers to the years of being in the state of between.

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