I can't decide if I'll let you save my life or if I'll drown.

3:43 AM

This semester is really passing faster than I expected. It's just another 3 more weeks to the December term break. And after that 2 weeks of festive break, it's just another month of tutorials and final assignments before the final papers conclude the end of the semester. Not that it's a bad thing though. I'm totally grateful for the short semester but the deadlines of assignments cutting real close is... Not that fun.

School has been relatively okay so far, though this semester's modules are not really my cup of tea. I like feature writing, which is basically writing for magazine. But aside from that, I don't fancy radio, public relations, media business management or communication issues. So yes it's quite tough trying to keep up in class and all.
I've also been to the new Sembawang library to study and omg it's so much better than the previous!! I can still vividly remember how the old one looks like, since it's been one of my frequent childhood hangout places while I was still in primary school. I can't wait to see how the rest of Sun Plaza would look after its renovation, but I hope I don't get too nostalgic over any lingering past memories of that old place.

 photo 4C242831-AC39-4CCC-8E6E-8E720B5CC714_zpsjb450x22.jpg  photo C491B681-5643-4698-9954-882B11D534CF_zpsigixrl5p.jpg  photo 13D87FDD-02C3-4E7B-AA50-4050B0DFCDCB_zpsbccijppu.jpg
 photo CA5205E0-4493-4D40-A7AF-8AA696EC3D5A_zpsy3kxze1k.jpg  photo B6AF47B7-FA42-4FEF-A869-D37842D13193_zpsezfg9lhz.jpg  photo A00C9F1D-DA0F-43EB-A33B-C06AAB8A4182_zpsr5ttax3s.jpg

Enough about school. I've been cutting down a lot on the sweet junk and it seems like the gym obsession has returned. Hopefully, my abs will reappear again and this time, more defined. I have to keep this up!!

And I got a new part-time job (finally) after hunting for one that meets the following requirements:
1) is not too far or at least has a direct bus from home
2) has flexible hours and shifts such that I can change my schedule every week
3) is not retail. Can't stress this enough especially after all the other horrid past experiences!!!
4) is at least $6/hr or more

It's a bonus that my new job allows me to wear casually so yes that means no jeans!! I'm basically working at Ge!ato located 5 minutes away from my home LOL yay me.
On top of that I still have an incomplete design project and Studio Hanawa to manage and school. Lol I certainly am biting off more than I can chew. Now I understand why my dad always say that I have the tendency to overwork myself.

Well, I better maintain my GPA while doing all this shit. I still find it a wonder how I managed to cope working part-time while attaining a GPA of above 3.5 in my very first semester of poly. Well, my GPA has dropped since but I don't think the numbers are all that like people make them to be, so I'm trying to focus more on my portfolio. I'm not disregarding my GPA score, I just don't think your life should revolve around it.

 photo A3FD6DD0-3399-450A-9F89-97FFA96460BB_zpsnqktisy0.jpg  photo 177AAB3F-B145-41FF-B69A-7C6F9B399202_zpsq4li9qgt.jpg  photo A704EE4A-A2AF-4001-8FE4-AEDB0EE01328_zpsmdvlybnc.jpg

This is a pretty lengthy post about what I've been up to lately. Coming Saturday, it's finally BBQ at Trisha's new place with the primary school group!! It's been forever since we had a full gathering cause Victor's been caught up with A's but it's finally over!! Congrats to everyone else who have finished your A's and please do relish and bathe in all the freedom LOL you guys deserved it after slogging your asses off for months!! :)
Honestly I'm so excited for Saturday and I'm making sambal fish for the BBQ. Honestly, I'm hopeless because Brandon's mum had to help and teach me what fish to get, how to slice it etc. I'm pretty sure she is judging me HAHAHA omg let's hope that when Saturday comes, I will do whatever marination or lathering of sambal sauces on the fish properly.

I will probably be making other stuff too but let's leave that for another post after the BBQ. It's time to start taking more candid group shots too hehe. ;)

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