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This post's pictures are kind of overdue. The monochrome photo of me and Brandon was just taken two days ago when I was staying at his place over the weekend, and the last being my post-workout photo today after the usual HIIT and gym session.
I stopped HIIT for a good one month before resuming it two weeks back. It's one of the shittiest workouts ever because it literally sucks the life out of you. But it improves your stamina a lot, and I'm starting to gain momentum again. I've never really stopped working out, but I've been skipping workouts for at least 3 days in a row, and that's a lot to me. I guess it's back to being gym rat, and I hope I will stay this obsessed. Thankfully Victor's O's are coming to an end soon so that means having a gym buddy to keep me motivated!! Yezzzz defined abs are coming my way. It's been 9 months since I got into this fitspo thing and I'm honestly so glad I did because it really does make me feel better about myself, and even though the numbers on the scale is only several pounds less, I think I've had visible results. :)

Enough about my self-praising rants. The days have been getting gradually exhausting, more so when I have to rush floral headpieces on top of school assignments. I guess I kinda forgot how a new start-up will always be busy as hell. There's just so many things to do and plan - like coming up with new ideas for my headpieces, working on how to improve the web traffic, trying to plan collections according to the festives and of course, discussing with suppliers on stocks to get, what colours, the quantity and all that admin stuff.

Studio Hanawa is only about 1 month old so it's definitely far from being stable. But I'm so thankful for the brides or organisers that happen to somehow chance on Studio Hanawa and have decided to order in bulk for their own weddings/events. I really hope I can push Studio Hanawa to achieve much more, even though sustaining the business with only floral headpieces may not appear plausible to some.

In fact, Studio Hanawa has got good news! Previously, I mentioned that we were invited to join this social project right? Well, if you don't remember or if you didn't read that post then let me tell you that yes, Studio Hanawa was invited to join something like that.
Now that everything is almost finalised, I guess I can announce what this mysterious "social project" is. Studio Hanawa is now officially part of Zalora Marketplace, which is a platform for independent, emerging fashion designers and sellers across Southeast Asia to create their own branded storefront to showcase to a wider customer base! So yes, you can find our boutique under Zalora Marketplace (soon). And if you don't know what Zalora is, it's basically one of Asia's fashion e-commerce site. Well, just google.

I can't tell you how excited I was when I first received the email?!?!! I was basically screaming to Brandon HAHAHA. It's one of the biggest leaps for Studio Hanawa thus far, since we do have a relatively small market because word of our store isn't really spreading as well as I would like it to be.
Our storefront is not up yet but it's going to be in a couple of days. Probably just in time for Christmas (so yes you can either get your Christmas headpieces from our webpage or Zalora platform) and all the other festives!! What a timely venture considering how we could plan our releases based on Christmas, Valentine's and Chinese New Year hehehe. :)
And since you're reading this, do remember to drop by our webpage and get something for yourself or your girlfriend/bestie when it's nearing the celebratory dates!!

Studio Hanawa's next collection will be up probably over this weekend. The exact timing and date will be released in the next couple of days so keep yourself up to date on our social media platforms! We have a couple of new statement pieces this time round!

Anyway, my new song obsession is Blank Space by Taylor Swift, which is my currently blog song playing. I'm not a swiftie but damn it this song is so good?? Don't judge me man HAHAH. 

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