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Finally caught up with Joleen sometime this week after her O's. It's been a really long time since I last saw her and of course what better way to catch up than to spend our afternoons having cakes? ^^

Honestly, I wish I could spend the entire time wholeheartedly chatting with her but the first couple of hours was me working on my school assignment - conducting interviews, taking photographs and inspecting the different components of their cakes. I have a feature assignment due next week (or rather the draft in a few hours), and I was tasked to write a food review so... The reason for whatever I did. While I'm so excited to be writing my very first legit food review, I was at the same time pretty much overwhelmed by the pressure lately. But let's keep the depressing shit out of today's post.
Previously I've been to Les Patisserie with Trisha (to pay a visit to her bf who was working there) but I've never really tried much on their menu. This time with Joleen, however, with ordered quite a fair bit! 

The photos taken this time round happens to be mostly portrait and somewhat different compared to how I usually frame my shots. And that's because I'll be submitting these photos for my assignment as well. So yes more commercial-like photos.

 photo IMG_2820_zps934ac6ac.jpg  photo IMG_2837_zps19020f4f.jpg
 photo IMG_2835_zpsaebdf77c.jpg  photo IMG_2828_zpsfad3590c.jpg
 photo IMG_2845_zps4cd64009.jpg  photo IMG_2861_zpsb3a1664e.jpg
 photo IMG_2846_zps3ee07941.jpg
 photo IMG_2852_zps4e3f119f.jpg
 photo IMG_2862_zps5def3219.jpg

Possibly the best truffle baked mushroom pasta ($9.90) I've ever had!! And I really love their Dulcey Hazelnut ($7) too. Their waffles, which we got their very own creation named hoffles ($9.90), was something I really fancied too. And thumbs up to their coffee!

The other items we got were Mango cake, Tiramisu and Forest Berry Tart. They have other french pastries, macarons, breakfasts, sandwiches and croissants as well.

I would like to elaborate more about each of the pastries or dishes I had but that might result in identical phrases as in my food review assignment (which might end up to be a case of plagiarism or some shit) so I shall go more into depth the next time! I'll revisit Les Patisseries because they really have really affordable and good stuff that's worth every penny, and because I promised Brandon to take him there sometime soon hahaha.

Do pay them a visit if you haven't! They're located at Toa Payoh Central and are currently only two months old, but they really do have a lot of potential and I can't wait to try more of their menu!! It seems like they will be creating something special for Christmas as well :)

 photo F258B678-3C3B-4736-B6B1-EE9604A0217E_zpst1gawmk4.jpg  photo 528AB9B7-E6DA-438D-8D59-0B5DBDCC78CC_zpsgd91gfbr.jpg  photo 554875C3-885F-44F3-AF83-E04B33846DB6_zps9uzsj5kz.jpg

On a side note, I really enjoyed my hours catching up with Joleen just talking about almost anything. It's been a while since I felt like I could just speak my mind and complain about whatever I want. It's her holidays now, so I guess this means more food ventures if we both have the expenses to support our tai tai ways. LOL.
At the moment I'm desperately trying to save up for a Japan trip next year, after the semester ends. It sucks not having a part-time job to help me with the saving but I guess I only have myself to blame -_- I rejected a couple of job offers after realising just how far they are from home and being the lazy bum I am, I didn't think the inconvenience was worth it. So yes I am jobless and trying to scrimp and save whenever wherever for my dream vacation to Japan. I'm so determined to go this year I don't know why. No more hesitating, no more see-hows. I'm out to really take this holiday plan into action.

Anyway, next week is going to quite hellish with the assignments deadlines. I am so thankful to have Joleen with me then while I was sorting out my nerves through the interview, and then there was Brandon who spent his entire Saturday helping me with another interview and outdoor recording. I hate conducting interviews so much because I am always so awkward but I really love writing about the people involved so do you understand my pain?? And thank you guys for being there and for always supporting me no matter. I am eternally grateful.

Now to press on for the next wave. Sigh.

But after the crazy week tides over, it's going to be the launch of Studio Hanawa's next collection!!! Yezzzz so keep your eyes peeled for the launch and keep yourselves up to date with our social media!! We also have another great news to share with everybody soon ;)
Till then, I shall try to keep this space updated even though all that I am is suffocating under every shit that's been thrown at me these past couple of days.

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