First Steps into UK/Europe (part 5) - Bruges, Belgium

6:27 PM

I went to Bruges, Belgium on a day trip. Since I came from Amsterdam, I had to start the day pretty early to make the best out of my time. I was considering visiting Brussels, but I prefer the quainter parts of the world, so I picked Bruges instead. A day trip was barely enough.

I'm just gonna make this a visual post of my day trip to Belgium! While I was there, I was mostly rushing around a lot due to time constraints so I doubt I'll be able to write anything helpful. So, just some visuals of what I captured while I was there. :)

Bruges was beautiful, and I thought that Belgium was all about chocolate (lolol but truth be told their chocolates are damn amazing) but their frites, beer and museums were quite amazing too.

Anyway, on a more personal note about my pretty normal everyday life, it's two days back into to school and I am already feeling the overwhelmed by the impending workload over the next 16 weeks.

I'm currently in my second year at LASALLE, pursing a BA in Fashion Media & Industries. The first semester is already proving itself to be difficult. I thought that first year was bad, but wew. We have already received our themes and assignment briefs and whilst none of them were anything less than demanding, the challenging assignments are what makes the work so exciting. The thought of the final product/outcome got me so enthused that I feel like all the sleepless nights, emotional breakdowns, belittling of oneself, hundreds of dollars burnt on materials and inexistent social life will all be worth it. Oh yes, I'm so excited already.

Well, I'm only halfway through Week 1 of school so maybe it's still too early to say. But one thing's for sure. I won't be able to update this blog as frequently now that school has resumed. Looking back at my archives, I practically post only once per month or none at all while school's on me. Sigh. I still have my Belgium and Khaoyai travel posts, as well as my previous semester school work (guess I won't be sharing them anymore... lol) that I have yet to share. But I will seriously try to do so.

Also, I've been planning on my December trip to Taiwan, Korea and Japan! While it's my third trip to Japan (you can read about the first and second trip), I'm so stoked to cover the less travelled areas this December.

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