First steps into the Europe Continent

10:38 PM

On the 1st of June, I went on my very first trip to the Europe continent! It's rather surreal, being able to finally visit some of the cities that I have been wanting to go to for so long. It wouldn't be possible if not for the SQ flight promo (SGD$1k direct return flight to London can you believe it??) because UK/Europe would normally be waaaay too out of my budget. It still is, but at least now I can finally say I've been there once!!

Whenever anyone talks about how costly Europe is, I thought I could relate to it you know, since I've been to New Zealand and all. But I really underestimated how expensive it could get. The exchange rates alone is enough to kill your hopes and dreams... Let's not get to the part where the cheapest hotels in Amsterdam central would crush your soul at $200/night.

So anyway, it was a two weeks long travel. I wish it could have been longer but you know, money don't come from trees but working. ):
In those fourteen days, I covered some of UK and the Netherlands. More specifically, London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and a bit of Belgium! I've been wanting to write and blog about them since my return but the photo editing took me quite some time. It's done now though, so I can't wait to share some of the highlights of these destinations.

While I was planning my trip, I found it difficult to find a comprehensive list online on the places I should cover (sometimes they were all museums, sometimes they were all Instagrammable spots) and I think that's mainly because there are too many things to create just one list. Not a bad thing though, since you will definitely find something up your alley. I came up with my lists after getting some input from Singaporean friends who were studying there, and after reading a multitude of guides. I'll write about the attractions I've covered soon.

Till the next post!

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