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After a gruesome month, I've finally found the time to get back to writing! School's been the least kind about its workload, so the pressing schedules made it impossible for me to even squeeze out an hour just to write. But I'm glad it's all over. Year 1 in LASALLE is finally done and dusted! I will not miss it (or maybe I will when the next hectic year comes along).
Anyway, if you're here just for the Redang Island travel video you can just skip this whole chunk of text as I rant about the past two boring and not so exciting months of my life. I mean, how exciting can school be?? Not at all!!

So many things have happened over March and April. Well, they're all mainly school related but I also turned 22. Hmm not so sure how I feel about my second year into adulthood cause it seems like I barely have my life together still. :')
Anyhow, I had a great 22nd celebration, though a low key one. Guess the whole 21st birthday hype just dies as you age LOL. Also, I did quite a number of photoshoots here and there so I'll update this space with them as the days come along.

Now onto the real stuff!! Since the holidays began, I prompted myself to finally work on my Redang travel video that's like, 10 months due?? If you haven't read about Redang Island, you can check out the old post here.

First time experimenting with underwater shots!! All thanks to GoPro (Hero Black 5) 21st birthday gift from my friends. This video won't be possible without you guys. :')

As you can tell... I tried to experiment a little more with this video this time. Cue anamorphic crop, write-on text, fading transitions and underwater-like audio lol. They all took so long to do?? But my amateur colour correcting and grading skills just make this video so meh ): Anyone has any tips on how I can improve my colour grading?? Please hmu!

Okay enough about the technical stuff. Once again, I would highly recommend any couple to visit Redang Island if they are planning on a short weekend getaway.

1) It's inexpensive.
Especially if you compare the flights and stays at other beach islands like Maldives. Redang Island's resorts can range from SGD$80-$350 per night, depending on whether or not you want to budget or be a baller and splurge on a jacuzzi villa with a seaside view. We went for Taaras Beach Resort, which was one of the higher rated resorts alongside Laguna Resort. I would recommend these two if you want a nice resort/sea view.

2) It's only at Malaysia.
You can get there via coach to Terrengganu, and then a jetty to Redang Island. You can book coaches that depart from Singapore or from Johor's Larkin Terminal. Of course, departing from Singapore would be the most convenient (pick-ups are usually at Golden Mile Tower or so), but departing from Larkin Terminal is much more cost savvy. Prices are about SGD$60/pax for the former, and RM60/pax for the latter. Consider the night coach to save more time!

3) It's so damn beautiful.
They have the cleanest beaches and crystal blue waters. And if you went for snorkeling (which most resorts will offer at a relatively decent price of +-$25/pax), you'll get to see and interact with their marine life!! Just watch the video and you'll know just how beautiful the reefs are. There are even turtles which a friend of mine and her boyfriend got to play with during their snorkeling trip. Sadly me and Han didn't have that luck haha.

Well, I think Redang Island is quite a good alternative to places like Batam and Bintan, especially if you've been there before. They also have other water sports available, such as diving and jetski. As Han and I wanted to take a breather when we planned this trip, we were also hoping to find a place that's not too overcrowded or busy. Redang Island is just that!

Hopefully all these information have been helpful to any couple who's planning on their next getaway over the upcoming holidays. :)

On a side note, I'm currently working on the Thailand trip videos and will be heading to Bali very soon!! More travel visuals coming your way heh.

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