Back to school after a gap year

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It's been three weeks since my last update, I really didn't expect school to be this hectic or busy.

I thought that the first few weeks might be somewhat manageable, I even thought that starting school meant having more time to blog as compared to when I was working. But man, I was so so wrong. Since week one, the bombardment of projects came and now that it's already week four of the school sem, my pile of assignments just never seem to cease. Together with my freelance work, it definitely does feel like I'm biting off more than I can chew.

It's crazy, cause I've been spending all of my weekends, just shooting and completing my assignments I can't really remember having a day to just be a sloth (I actually pretty like slothing through the weekends after a hectic work week, just watching movies and playing dota lol). On the days I actually do take a break and make plans with my friends/Han, I always end up toiling the next night. I was on the verge of breaking down every weekend. :')

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To be honest, I went into LASALLE thinking that their schedule wasn't going to be that crazy. I expected a lot more independent study time than actual course hours. I thought that I might get a day off in the week. But nope, it's almost 6-7 hours every fuggin' day PLUS a truckload of projects - that's more than my poly hours lol save me.

I guess it varies from course to course. I don't think everyone in my school is slogging just yet, but for my course at least, I think everyone is barely breathing ha ha ha. During my first two weeks of school, I was seriously considering dropping out (I still am sometimes). But all my loved ones have been nothing but supportive, so I felt like the last thing I should do is let them down.

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Super grateful to the friends that helped to model for my school assignments above!! :)

Going back to school again after taking a gap year also took some time to adapt (my break is about 18 months from grad to start of uni). I was so used to having control over my own time and schedule, but school took that away. Assignments are similar to the freelance briefs I've been doing BUT, school means groupwork. Sure I did collaborations, but when was the last time I did any groupwork??
Thankfully, school life is pretty much the same as poly. Quite a handful of my classmates were also from poly and have taken a gap year of sorts, so I'm glad that we are at least on the same wavelength? If anything, some of the people I met there helped to make it more bearable for me.

I hope I won't eventually collapse to all these mental stress and pressure. Pursuing a degree (and in an arts school) is a totally different ball game altogether. Sure, I'm doing what I love but... Wew.

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Anyway, I hope to keep updating this space, especially since I'm gonna be working on a quite a number of interesting projects in school?? Heh. Meanwhile, I hope that my old travel stories still make up for my lack of updates!! I realise that my Perth travel posts have been getting crazy hits lately.
I haven't started editing my Redang video but I will get there, hopefully. And I'm probably gonna plan another solo trip in December too! Well, I'll see it goes.

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