I Lights Marina Bay 2017

1:34 AM

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A couple of photos of my friends from a few weekends ago at I Light!

It was super crowded and warm... I didn't even know why I decided to go there to squeeze with everyone (oh right I wanted to take photos) but we went on a Thursday so the crowd wasn't too bad. Feel like giving Artbox a go, but I'm not too enthusiastic about the weekend crowd... Have I really become so old now that I'm avoiding places with high human traffic on my off days?? I just love to stay at home to chill now, which is a stark contrast to how I used to live for the weekend shenanigans and events.

On another note, I've been taking my camera out and working on visuals lately. I'll update this space with more of these works soon!

Meanwhile, I'm super stoked about all the upcoming projects I've yet to embark on, as well as the planing of my 21st!! Hehe so many things to look forward to.

Also, I got the worst breakout of my life just about a week ago, and I felt so depressed for days I didn't want to head out because my face was full of pimples. I never felt so horrible and ugly in my life lol.
Thankfully, Han's mum recommended me to this facial place that she has been going to for the past 30 years (she visited the place since she was a teen) and Han himself had tried it before too LOL. It was the most painful facial process ever but omg my face recovered just in time for Victor's 21st!! And to think I might be all pimply for my own celebrations... No thanks...

Times like these I am so grateful for all the contacts Han has that have saved me on so many occasions, so many times. :')

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 photo _MG_1465-2_zps3pqzbtsd.jpg

Shall end off with the pictures taken on Vic's 21st!

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