Melbourne Roadtrip - Great Ocean Road (Video)

10:14 AM

Another travel video that I got up on my channel! This one covering the Great Ocean Road Trip with Han in December 2016. :)

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These couple of weeks have been pretty busy. Just went to I Light on Thursday with the childhood pals, and I was experimenting a couple of night light photos. I'm almost done with the editing so I'll probably update this space with those visuals soon.

Meanwhile, I've been planning my 21st and I'm spending so much money on decor... Omg. But it's okay I think I can actually organise everything under $500? Can't wait to blog about the preparations and the set up that I'll be working on!!

Also, more helpful travel articles on Japan will be coming your way. Stay tuned onto TripZilla for updates!

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▶ Melbourne Roadtrip - Great Ocean Road (Video)

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