But your words hang heavy underneath me.

12:37 PM

Wanted to have my next Japan post up by the previous weekend but there have been so many things piling on my plate that I haven't quite had the time to do so. Too many photo and video shoots taking up my weekends/free time, as well as events and meetings. I don't mean to drag the Japan travelogue for so long but ):
I'll get to it!! Just another two more posts and photo editing + travel video.

Also, ever since I reformatted my MacBook (or rather transferred my hard disk to another macbook cause my old one killed itself one night), I could no longer use my Adobe Creative Cloud softwares under Ngee Ann's student ID... Basically, during my time in NP, my Adobe applications were fully subscribed and paid for by the school. They were suppose to expire after the end of my study term (this May), but I still managed to use it up until November because well... I didn't need to verify my ID anymore with the old MacBook.

But now they have all expired and I can no longer use Photoshop, Lightroom or Premiere Pro!! ): This is the worst lol I have been casually using it for free under NP for all my work and projects, and now that I have to pay a pretty exorbitant price monthly for the softwares, my heart is breaking. And Adobe has become so integrated into my daily life that I practically can't survive without it lol. It's even more depressing that I can't get a student price because I'm not under any institution. Is this a cue for me to go back to school???

Guess I know where my pay this month is going to...

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