For all of the perfect things that I doubt.

11:56 PM

The past couple of days have been smooth, albeit exhausting. It's spending half of my time on work and the other half on all these ideas that I've been wanting to execute. Sometimes it gets a little tough to make plans with the friends who are also working their respective jobs, but when we do, I guess it means a lot more. It's pretty heartwarming heh.

I think the busy phase has passed (for now) and I've got a couple of projects I'm kinda stoked to start on. For one, Trisha and I just decided to start on this 30 day design challenge to motivate ourselves to draw/illustrate everyday, since we're always coming head to head with a creative block every time we try to work on something. If the designs are good enough, I could start putting them up on creative market!! Which reminds me I would want to start uploading some of my profitable works up on that platform. 
I've also been meaning to edit my Laos trip video for a while now. I've actually put that off for two months already?? LOL okay time to get my game together and have that completed. I'll put it up here once it's done so look forward to that maybe? I also realised that I haven't completed my last post for NZ, summarising all my budgets and whatnot so I should probably get around to doing that too. Although its almost ten months since NZ I don't know if I should hmm.

I see so many of my poly friends doing the jobs that they've always dreamed of, and pursuing the goals that they have set for themselves since they got into Mass Comm. Makes me really proud to be part of FMS :') Guess it isn't really true when people say that things will only go downhill after grad hahah. Hopefully I'll be able work on something new soon too!

That's just pretty much all the update for the busy weeks before. My parents planned for an impromptu overseas trip for the upcoming weekend and I can't be more excited!! It's been two months since my last, and even though it's just Bangkok, all the shopping I can do.... Hehe. I have plans to take more photos while I'm there too.

Hope everyone's been having a good break since graduation!! 

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