When I was drowning, that's when I could finally breathe.

11:43 AM

It's been a ridiculously exhausting weekend.

On Saturday, it was finally Kelvin's POP and that was my second time attending someone's POP. For both, the rain just had to grace its presence at the floating platform. It was early and I'm freezing while being stuck in a downpour... Not the way I intended to start my morning but Zhiyi's lame jokes made it quite bearable, and seeing the bff was pretty worth it. The last weekend he was telling me about his master plan of using air fresheners to make sure he doesn't stink LOL and he actually didn't smell bad?? HAHA.

I spent the rest of the afternoon to evening shopping and catching a movie with some friends before heading home to crash for like three hours?? I woke up at 11pm (almost overslept) before heading out for one of the most "go hard or go home" decisions of my life.

 photo 40B1BFC3-FEB4-480B-A4BB-0CA8781B4068_zps0ku8ycec.jpg  photo D6B179BB-76A8-4D82-97AE-C587751C61AF_zpstcth4ola.jpg

If you haven't heard... I signed up for OSIM Sundown Marathon after winning an Instagram giveaway that granted me a free ticket for any category. And so, I registered for the full marathon with Ziman and Yize without giving it much of a second thought LOL
Prior to this 42km, I have never participated in other marathons, unless you count National Vertical Marathon (NVM) 2014 and Electric Run 2014. Everyone said I was crazy and I probably am, but I paid for my impulsive decision. Our flag off was just slightly before 2am and I knew I should have came home earlier and slept and ate more for dinner.
Before hitting the halfway mark, I was already dying mentally physical spiritually because my right knee is being a bitch as usual and I thought of giving up so many times... But somehow after reaching the 29km mark, a newfound resilience hit me and I just kinda pushed myself the rest of the way through while it turned from dusk to dawn.

And we completed the 42.195km!! Though we didn't exactly practised or conditioned ourselves as much as we needed to, we made it through and the sense of accomplishment together with the shirt and medal was really worth it ;)
Before the marathon my dad was doubting my abilities to complete it. So did Ziman's family. It was pretty funny but we did it!!

 photo BBA23510-8EF3-40FD-B075-E733CAD8385B_zpsp0eyimpb.jpg  photo 2D62FDE2-7C84-4F8D-878B-65B5FD2D4EA0_zpsgktoaoyq.jpg
 photo 4CF4E487-A41D-44DC-95A0-E3A5E2BB3757_zpsh9p4q7px.jpg  photo 76E42D15-9958-46BA-8679-A8FFF6F98AA9_zpsjpodf0cp.jpg

Right after that I was way too fatigued to think about anything. I headed home, concussed for three hours before heading to work at Ohvola's birthday bash event. Yes, work right after a marathon. Idk I think I'm really crazy. I really wanted to crash and burn the whole time but I persevered till the end of my Sunday.

So yeap, after the weekend, my mental strength and resilience improved by leaps and bounds, maybe transcended beyond all previous limitations I have set for myself HAHAHA. Okay, I kid. While my mind has recovered from yesterday's torture, my body is still overwhelmed with exhaustion and wrecked with muscle aches all over. How I even dragged myself out of bed to school... It must be the fear of receiving more warning letters for debarment.

That's pretty much it for my weekend. Now it's time to catch up on work and school sigh. The amount of working piling is starting to drive me insane. Maybe it's time to give up some things. I'm already stretching beyond my own personal capacity, and yet, it's not enough.

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