And then I realised, I didn't have to bend until I break.

2:48 AM

Just returned from attending the annual Japanese Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri) a couple of hours ago with Trisha, Brandon and his friends. It's quite an odd mix of people but I actually thoroughly enjoyed myself this time round, despite the horrible queues, humid weather and inconvenient location.

This is probably the... Third time I've went to the Changi Japanese Primary School's summer festival? And it probably seems like I'll be going every year as long as I have the same company of people who are interested in the festival heheh.
Well anyway, this year was slightly different from the previous two because Trisha and I decided to really drown ourselves in the festive atmosphere, wearing yukatas and all.

I didn't take a lot of pictures this time round though. It was hard to run around in a yukata so... relish in my amateurish shots.

 photo IMG_1658_zps79709333.jpg
 photo IMG_1664_zps5376ed7a.jpg
 photo IMG_1680_zpse79eb3b7.jpg
 photo IMG_1669_zpsb5c9fb00.jpg

I rented a yukata from carousell at $8 (like omg so cheap right), because purchasing one is just too costly and it was super pretty!! We spent the night before trying to figure out the mechanics behind that cloth but we were terrible at it. Thank god for the yukata-wearing services the school provided! We immediately went to them upon arriving at the school before Brandon and the other guys arrived. And the ladies who helped us with it were so hospitable and friendly I felt like a princess LOL.

As for my 2 cents on how it feels like wearing a yukata, it was quite cool. I was feeling a little uncomfortable with the getas (traditional Japanese wooden clogs/flip flops) and all, but the nervousness dissipated over time.

I probably have to work on posing in a yukata though. Every single pose I make just makes me look fat because of the baggy sleeves ):

 photo D65DF3E1-D46E-423F-9D94-837AA7AF86D3_zps1cnrlfbn.jpg  photo 8E364B88-BC06-4302-BB1B-9D4188AFEDAF_zps4tsn0qql.jpg  photo 7BC26913-4561-42C4-B087-E96E1531C4B2_zpsa5m7rd0j.jpg

On a side note, 23rd August officially marks the first day when I decided to go all out by dollying up my face. I kinda suck at the make-up crap for the past two to three times I tried it but somehow, this time it wasn't that bad?
In fact, now I'm starting to spend a bulk of my cash on Sephora and other make-up products nuuuu.

For most parts of the festival, we were just up and about queuing for food, but missing out a lot on the games and performances because of that.
But the company was enjoyable. After getting to know Brandon's group of poly guys through some dota games/lunches before, any lingering awkwardness is now long gone. So this time round was really quite fun. And well, at least their jokes are legit funny and not as lame as Brandon's (LOL brandon don't kill me when you see this).

 photo IMG_1681_zps992244b0.jpg
 photo IMG_1682_zps81ba1ebd.jpg
 photo IMG_1685_zps1bbea975.jpg
 photo IMG_1691_zps4d9e5014.jpg

Natsu Matsuri has been a good breather, before I officially plunge into my advertising revision on Sunday afternoon. Monday is the exam and I'm not even as prepared as I'd like myself to be -__-

I can't wait for all of it to be officially over on Friday. Then comes work, and money, and freedom to do whatever I please.

Just 6 more days.

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