Memories from a Perth Road Trip

7:04 PM

Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia

I was cleaning up my hard disk now that university life is over when I came across some travel photos (Perth with my bros back in 2016 specifically) that got me feeling reminiscent and slightly entertained by the way I used to edit them. Why was magenta tint over photos ever a thing...?

Anyway, I'm glad (and I'd like to think) that my colour correction and edits have improved over the years. Surely I'm still learning, but as I was 1) mildly cringing at some of my old image edits and 2) missing being on foreign land, I decided to re-edit/edit these old photos just because. What better way to delude yourself into thinking that you're travelling during this pandemic amirite.

And I have a set of newly edited photos that I'm more proud of while I'm at that.

We were in Perth city for a couple of days, before we took a road trip to cover various parts of Western Australia. This trip brings back so many fond memories since it was my first time in Australia soil, and the first road trip for all of us. Well, I was never behind the wheel HAHA but still, there were so many things to figure out while we were on the road (road rules, car rental and what not).

You can read more about the places we've covered here. It's basically my old posts with the magenta-tinted photos, in five parts, a video and a lot of blabbering.

Alternatively, you can also read my articles on Tripzilla if you'd prefer more condensed information without the chatter.
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Our blue Lammy that covered dirt roads and pavements with us!!

First attempt at sand boarding, which was particularly memorable because I had so much sand flying into my mouth as I slid down. The climb back up the sand hill was also pretty exhausting haha.

We were planning for another trip, and I hope it'll come to fruition before all this work-life balance thing hits us like a truck in the months to come.

To be honest, I kinda miss doing journalism quite a bit. Looking at my published articles on Tripzilla back when I was still freelancing for them made me feel like I should probably try to write for beauty or lifestyle departments since that's something I've been wanting to try out. We'll see.

Recently, I've also embarked on a new project! I had this entrepreneurship spur yet again (I always do every couple of years) so I'm kind of working on my craft and marketing content right now. I'll blog about it once more has been set in stone, but please do support me then!!

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