A Poke Theory

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Been wanting to visit A Poke Theory since it's opening in July, but we never got the chance to because of our conflicting Monday to Friday work schedules and fully occupied weekends. I managed to get an off day sometime last week, so Jolaine stayed over my place the night before to finalise some plans for our upcoming trip (we're down to T-7 days omg!!), before we headed down to Telok Ayer for some Hawaiian styled staple the next afternoon.

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A Poke Theory is actually co-owned by one of my Mass Comm seniors who helped me out with my JPSAE application into the course back when my O level points were not low enough for the school's cut off. It's amazing to see that he has started out on his own business with his sister (who's food ig I came across during the period I was obsessed with healthy eating)! Hopefully, I'll be able to start working on something I can be proud to call my own too :')

According to him, the logo and store concept was also done by Mass Comm students from my batch?? I'm so awed by how every one of my peers whom I graduated with are already achieving so much haha. Certainly, FMS has taught and equipped us with so many tools for the workforce and I certainly don't regret choosing it despite its arduous three years.

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Okay, I digress. So anyway, Jolaine and I each got our own poke bowls that came with a choice of marinated sashimi, and five other complimentary toppings to go along with it. You can pay a little more for their premium toppings too. It's almost like your chirashi don, but healthier.
Jo got herself the Shoyu Tuna while I got the Spicy Mayo Salmon!

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We also got their smoothie bowls that were priced $6 per bowl after we were done with our poke. It really reminded me of the time when I was sort of on a raw vegan diet, eating loads of fruits, nuts, seeds and other superfoods in an attempt to lose weight while I was hitting the gym and doing cardio exercises vigorously. I think that was about two years back?? Sigh back when I had the time to make breakfast bowls and was so motivated to work out every day :')
Now work life has got me so drained 9am to 6pm. If it weren't for Victor pressuring me daily to gym with him, I'm pretty sure I would just be a potato.

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Missed the taste of cacao!! Maybe I should really kickstart the whole fitness craze again... But that can wait till I'm back from my trip hehehe.
I'll be heading to Japan/South Korea with Jolaine for our super belated grad trip next weekend!! All that saving we've been doing for months to lead up to this.

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