Is there somewhere?

9:50 PM

Tomorrow's already my last day here in Perth. I'm not sure how to feel about this trip coming to an end this fast.

Unexpectedly, the past month flew by way too quickly and I barely had any time to update this blog. But now that I've just completed another travel, I'll be writing about it in parts for the next few posts. I think you can expect better visuals? :')

Throughout the entire trip, Kelvin, Zhiyi and I have also been making the conscious effort to film some content so there'll be a trip video in the works as well. Honestly, I'm pretty stoked to get started on the editing with Zhiyi cause we got some sick shots!!

Meanwhile, I got to find some way to cope with my post-trip depression or something. I'm pretty sure it won't be as bad as when I returned home from my solo trip to NZ, but it's still a pretty anti-climatic end to a life-changing experience. It's like you're back where you started - sitting on your couch, checking your emails or fighting the rush hour every evening while you're making your way back home from work. So what exactly changed during the time you thought you've become a newer you while you're on the road? You're still doing the same things, being stuck to the same routine.

I'm not sure if this is a feeling others who travel often could relate to, but I don't think I'm the only one? It always feels like coming home is harder than leaving. Maybe because I'm a restless soul who doesn't consider "home" to be a fixed reality of one place, or a beating heart and a pair of eyes.

But you know, I'll get my head around this soon. I have the next couple of years to work this out and I hope, really sincerely hope, that I get to continue pursuing all the things that I love and have always want.

Till then, here's back to working and figuring my life out before I find another opportunity to travel again.

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