How is it you never noticed that you were slowly killing me.

11:51 PM

Been too preoccupied with work and other commitments to actually blog about anything. Or rather, I just haven't been taking my camera out lately and I'm feeling really discontented with the crappy photos I've been putting up here ):
I went to Geylang Serai with my homegirls just this Sunday but the photos turned out pretty bad so nope guess I'm not gonna even try editing them.

Things have been speeding up lately, with another job on my plate but I think I'm managing well. In fact, I've been feeling pretty stoked for all the new campaigns that I'm about to embark on soon! Amidst all these workload, here's a reminder to self to be more thankful to my family and friends who have aided me in times of confusion and hardship. Honestly, getting to where I am now is full of sweat and stress, but, your golden hour only starts at the end of your comfort zone :')
Cliche but true. Haha.

On a side note, I'm gonna have another trip (yes!!!!!! again!!!!) in July. It's gonna be a pretty chillax trip but let me work out the itinerary before I talk more about it next time hehe. Meanwhile, a throwback to when I went backing solo in NZ to keep myself motivated for the venture to come!!

 photo _MG_0313_zpsqcrh73dv.jpg

When that time comes around, I'll finally have some decent travel pictures and content to put up here again. Till then, I think I should spend more of my weekends exploring the outdoors. Lately I've just been staying home after working away my weekdays is age catching up to me...

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