There's still a fire in my heart, but I'm not burning for you.

11:58 PM

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Photographer: Mirabelle Koh
Model: Che Shijia
Styling: Lucinda Zhou + Mirabelle Koh
Wardrobe: Ohvola

Just a couple of my favourite shots from a recent shoot I did for Ohvola on Tuesday, for the upcoming collection that is launching online this coming Sunday! You can check out the preview up on their Facebook for more sneaks of the items (or my photos hehe).
I'll post more pictures from the shoot if they decide to have a lookbook album up. It was a lot of perspiration under the hot sun and spending hours on Lightroom/Photoshop till the light from my MacBook screen burned into my corneas lol. But seeing the results, I'd say the hard work is paying off! :)

It's hasn't been long since I started work, but nothing feels better than getting back into the groove of creating creative content. It makes me so proud to see my own works published to the public, and I go to work everyday feeling so stoked to know it's going to be yet another productive day.
During the time I spent a month doing nothing (since internship ended and I was waiting for work to start), I was bored out of my wits. I knew the chill life was never really for me because I always felt the need to be on the go, or have something on my plate. So getting back to the work grind is a relief for my stagnant soul, somehow.

I've also been doing some other freelance photo editing works and it's amazing how more job opportunities are coming my way!! The only thing I should probably watch out for is not to overwork myself. I always had a tendency to do that, and right now I'm already juggling three jobs? LOL. Thinking if I should take up the fourth and fifth one...
Anyway, I'm super thankful for all the exposure and chances given to me, and I'm definitely putting my best foot forward to make this an achieving year as I take a break from my studies.
That's right, I won't be applying for uni this year because I feel like I could use a breather from my academics this year, while I work to boost my portfolio (since the courses I'm interested in are more portfolio dependent) and earn some of my school fees for the coming years. Taking a gap year is not the most orthodox path to take, but I've been considering this for a while now and I know that this is what I really want, and need. In fact, a few of my friends seem to be doing the same too so that's great hahaha.

I guess this is how it feels like when Winter ends and Spring arrives. The greys in the sky has cleared, and the bad days and moods have passed. The painful memories of the past will slowly fade, and that's when you know you're ready. Good things start to come your way, and beautiful people find you.

You're already on the road to heal, you just need to admit that.

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