Just like before, all the roads they still lead me here.

1:07 AM

I've been meaning to blog at least twice/thrice a week since my return from Laos but... That clearly isn't going to well. These couple of weeks have been packed, both with work and other events that I just haven't had much time to just sit, chill and let the words spill. I appreciate this busyness, but I should be reminding myself to write, so that I'll still remember how I spent my days instead of letting them just pass me by.

Anyway, a summary of pictures to show what I've been up to:

 photo C8841FF3-69C1-4BE3-B552-0712135FBFAD_zpstxxsqnm1.jpg  photo 8C60E07D-84C9-4980-9644-E2C38ABF8AC4_zps2gslqs5w.jpg  photo 785E269B-96D8-4572-9DFB-24C60069D805_zpspuqxlwha.jpg
 photo EC0BEE6A-6591-455D-A531-255DCEF4ED21_zpsb9akshzp.jpg  photo 80E6C77D-B323-46A9-8FC4-887DB72D2194_zpsgolmezro.jpg  photo ED517B10-9F75-4CA9-8CB6-630A8F43C4E8_zpstndopaeh.jpg

1. Hyping over Milk & Honey (again) // 2. Office situation: producing flatlays // 3. Atlas Coffeehouse with Jolaine // 4. Yongxiang's 21st // 5. BBQ with the childhood crew // 6. Outdoor shoot with Ohvola

I actually went to Atlas Coffeehouse about a week ago with Jolaine, but I'll blog about it over the weekends when I have more time on my hands. Right now, I'm piled with hundreds of photos to edit (for freelance and Ohvola), which I too will share on this space sometime soon!!

I've also hit the big two (argh fak I sound so old) just a couple of days ago (13th April), and this year's celebrations were way different from what I had from the previous two. But thank you to all my dear friends for your well wishes, and to the besties that took time off your busy work schedules to treat me to a good meal :')
I've been telling myself to always 1. always see the good in people 2. be nice to people until they give you a reason not to and 3. leave behind the ones who don't have good intentions with you. They're my reminders to self, sort of like a resolution and they've been going well thus far.

On a side note, I think I'm accumulating some sort of sleep debt because I'm always staying up late into the night for irrelevant shit (like dota) when I have work or a shoot the next day. Why?? I need to set my priorities straight... And grow up LOL.
Okay I should probably go to bed. Someone's got another job (possibly) coming her way hehe. It seems like I'm giving my workaholic tendencies the reins to my life this year.

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