Ohvola Lookbook - Red Renaissance

2:05 PM

Photography: Mirabelle Koh
Model: Irina (NU Management)
Styling & Set Design: Effie Goh
Hair & Makeup: Jennis Wong

A rather recent shoot I did with Ohvola, where I got the chance to work with other talented individuals to produce a set of images that was unlike anything that we've done before! Over the top wardrobe styling, bold makeup and a whole maximalist retro setup.

It's always so exciting (and pressurising) to shoot a concept/look that I have never done before, but I love it! It's also one of the first few editorials I tried experimenting with much more closeups and the model just took the images up a notch with her stunning looks. Definitely one of my favourite shoots thus far, with very pleasing results heh.

Now that the school semester has begun, it's back to the grind once again and I'm not kidding when I say it's difficult to even find the time to blog. But I have been working on this particular zeitgeist assignment (which I got my best friends to model for me) so I'll be sharing that experimental piece of work hopefully very soon. Well, if I don't get too lazy that is hahaha.

School's been exhausting, albeit rewarding. Life's been relatively smooth too. And well love, I'm just so happy that Han has finally ORDed and is now in the midst of pursuing his career. Two years of his NS serivce is finally over, wew.

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