The first school semester

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An almost two month long hiatus?? I didn't mean to let my social spaces die, but balancing school work and social life was near impossible so... I haven't been writing lately. ):

But as of last week, the school semester is finally over!! Ever since then, I've already went on a trip to Bangkok and came back, but I'll talk more about that later.

It seems like LASALLE's semester ended way earlier than the other universities since my modules aren't exactly examinable. Oh and, if I haven't explicitly stated yet, I'm pursuing my BA in LASALLE's Fashion Media & Industries, and I'm currently a first year. School's been... Pretty demanding, nothing like what I had expected but in a good way. I think LASALLE's curriculum differs a bit from other universities like NUS/NTU/SIM, in a sense where a lot of the work is assessed and based on the application and creative execution, rather than academic papers. I mean, you still have to write academic papers in LASALLE but it's less overwhelming, in my opinion.

One of the biggest projects we had was to conceptualise, plan and execute a photo shoot, and produce a fashion spread.

So we had to source for the clothes and location, cast and hire a model, come up with the art direction, do up the logistics and just do the whole shoot thing from start to finish. It's a group project, so my team and I really worked well together to come up with the final outcome!

 photo _MG_2547_4chris_zpsnzzozcko.jpg
 photo _MG_2405_3 retouched_zpsnvwd5rup.jpg  photo _MG_2774_4 retouched_2_zpsbtkn4i8r.jpg
 photo _MG_2674_4_zpstr7yxxuv.jpg  photo _MG_2810_4 retouched_zpstmhsy3yv.jpg
 photo _MG_2344_4_zpsks6m7uir.jpg  photo _MG_2302_4 retouched_zpsg0kf4fzm.jpg
 photo _MG_2232_2_zpsj4aixxzc.jpg  photo _MG_2960_reduce_zps6gss9idt.jpg
 photo _MG_2157_4chris retouched_zps8ltzoy9e.jpg  photo _MG_2197_4_zpsuqf8s4lz.jpg

Model: Zsofia Marie
Photography: Mirabelle Koh
Styling: Shermin Shu & Nalini Maheshwari
MUA: Chai Xinyi
Art Direction: Andrew Ng

Probably one of my proudest work to date, because I never really got to shoot anything as experimental and conceptual as this before. If you're interested in what the storyboard and art direction was about, you can read it up on my Behance (I'll upload it soon).

It was a crazy project that got us running without sleep for some nights but I'd say we had a lot of fun doing this. This is the only one of the projects I'm featuring, and I may just feature more in the next couple of weeks but first thing's first, the Bangkok trip!!

After my final presentation on Friday (10th Nov), I celebrated the end of it all with my classmates before flying off with Han the next day for our long awaited trip to Bangkok!!! We had a blast the whole five days, and I can't wait to write about some of the highlights. We took a day trip out of bkk to do some sight-seeing, rather than the usual shopping, night market and clubbing shenanigans so I can't wait to write about that!!

I'm sure the information will be very helpful to those who love to take the roads less traveled by, so I'll definitely write about the trip on this blog and for TripZilla too. Haha I haven't been writing for them for months due to the lack of inspirations lately, but this Bangkok trip just spurred me to.

Till then, keep your eyes peeled for it!! I know I haven't been churning out much travel content (which I'm sure it's what most people who come to this page look for) but I'll get this Thailand one out in the next few days. Promise!!

Look forward to some really awe-inspiring visuals and monkeys, heh.

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