I won't be lost forever and soon I wouldn't feel like I'm falling.

10:28 PM

I've recently caught a couple of movies over the past weeks. Deadpool was the first, and I don't think I need to talk much about it since everyone is already raving about it? LOL. I caught it with Yongxiang and loved it omg and I couldn't stop urging my friends who haven't watched it to go.

Caught How To Be Single with Jolaine on Monday and even though I was having doubts about how the movie was gonna turn out since it's another chick flick, but it's actually really good! I was telling Jolaine how I was gonna hate on the movie if the director ended it off with the protagonist finding herself another boyfriend (because come on, you should not attempt to make life happier by finding someone else, because happiness should be something that originates from yourself) but the show far exceeded my expectations, and was quite relatable.

After that show, there was a sudden desire to go backpacking again. It's already been six months since my solo trip to New Zealand, and I'm missing trekking in the wilderness and climbing to reach a summit. Thankfully, my school trip to Laos is in less than two weeks and I am so stoked!!

Anyway, I digress. On Thursday, I also caught Gods of Egypt with two of my most favourite people - Jolaine and Ziman. We had high expectations for the movie but I thought it wasn't that great lel.

 photo F65D69DE-95C6-4076-9AE8-9D5F035D9B2A_zpsigtcjq1i.jpg  photo 67F17886-F6F9-4BEE-834A-93F73D4F8BFF_zpsdfpd4fxt.jpg  photo 2AE167D8-AA55-42AC-A9A5-156F62ECDA53_zpslijxouot.jpg  photo A428A84B-75AE-419D-AD48-088D14D68190_zpsm4io2ajt.jpg

That's pretty much what I've been up to over the past week, together with some late nights out and afternoons spent playing World of Warcraft (Jo totally brought me into it...) and planning for my next Japan/South Korea trip in Oct! Omg I can't wait to experience Autumn for the first time!! It's always been something on my bucket list.

Slowly, I'm starting to tick off more of the things that I've always wanted to do. Because you know, we always say that we want to travel to someplace faraway, or maybe have a go at running a full marathon, or pick up some new sport/language. But most of the time, we never get around to doing it. Why is that?
I guess in the recent months, there were times when I felt hopelessly lost and it's not like I managed to entirely reroute my life just yet. But because of these setbacks, I am now more aware of who I am and what I needed. And hence, with this newfound freedom since graduation, I've been doing more of the things I want and love.

It's not that I haven't gone through my fair share of grief, because I have, and I chose not to let it rule my life. I think I've become far more optimistic since 2016 started?? LOL but really, it's all about surrounding yourself with positive people and changing your own self-talk.

Even if the year didn't kickstart nicely for you, I hope you keep slayin' because there are beautiful people and things out there, it's just up for you to find them :')

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