There was once a time we both vowed we'd never change.

9:03 PM

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There was a time about two years ago where I was totally obsessed with polaroids. I can still remember spending a bulk of my money on instaxs, 600 polaroids (for Zhiyi's camera) and film rolls, which I'm still using but haven't gone around to developing them in forever.

Looking back at some of the polaroids taken back then with the Instax mini I got as a gift for my 17th birthday, it brought back waves of melancholy.

These memories, no matter how happy, are merely just frames frozen in time.

"怎麼我和你之間, 兩個世界再也沒有交接?
如果告別, 我们能不能再見?"

Maybe it's time to take out that dusty instax to capture new memories.

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