Mu Parlour

11:38 PM

Mu Parlour is a cafe that has been in my to-go list for a really long time, so I was really stoked for the visit even though its so far from where I live. My partner is yet again, my favourite boy and I always love cafe visits with him because he is one who appreciates good food too. He's not really your typical cafe boy though but we practically spend half our time together eating.

The cafe, as mentioned in reviews, is really easy to miss. But the interior and ambience of Mu Parlour is crisp, clean and cosy with a wall of full-length windows for just enough natural light - just the way I like cafes/rooms to be hehe.
Nothing beats white walls and natural lighting. Nothing.

So I got myself the Eggs Benedict that comes with greens because I haven't had any for a while now and I've been craving for them poached eggs on toast. Brandon got himself the Mu Breakfast platter which consists of Eggs Benedict, bacon, fries and a jumbo sausage. It was unexpectedly filling. I don't even know how but it's worth your money quantity and taste wise. For the drinks we got ourselves latte and mocha.
And of course, there's always room for cakes!! God they have such a pretty selection of cakes to choose from (but the price is ridiculously pretty expensive too - one small slice for $8.80) I wish I had enough calories and money to spare to try them all ):

In the end I got myself the Passion Fruit Opera while Brandon got himself the Tart Au Chocolate.

 photo IMG_2283_zps7c3c3e30.jpg
 photo IMG_2282_zps9c87b38e.jpg
 photo IMG_2294_zpsdb6a1d39.jpg
 photo IMG_2293_zps469608b1.jpg
 photo IMG_2292_zps75378889.jpg
 photo IMG_2297_zps608d7405.jpg
 photo IMG_2295_zps6ff2d5c4.jpg
 photo IMG_2311_zpsccb8ce78.jpg
 photo IMG_2305_zps64536057.jpg
 photo IMG_2321_zps4a61e3d1.jpg
 photo IMG_2342_zpsba945f9b.jpg
 photo IMG_2337_zps1ef4795a.jpg

Their Eggs Benedict is probably one of the best I've ever tasted. I'm so in love with their bread!! It's goes so well with their holladaise sauce (if that's what they're using). Coffee was alright though I'm disappointed with their latte art... Not that I'm any good with latte art but working in a cafe now kinda makes me more aware of these things.

Their chocolate tart was gooood though yet again I thought they could make it more photogenic by sprinkling a little icing powder. The Passion Fruit Opera was okay but not as I expected it to be. They have other lovely cakes like Passion Fruit Cheesecake (was so close to trying that), Raspberry Chocolate Mousse, Lemon Meringue etc so I will be back the next time!! Apparently they have a 1-for-1 deal for cakes on Thursdays so now I know which day to go back for tea...

That pretty much concludes our short food venture. We were supposed to head somewhere else for another round of cakes but our bellies couldn't take it anymore.

Anyway, I hope I'll get to visit another 1 or 2 more cafes for their cakes before school starts! Brandon has turned into a cake-eating monster (this title is self-proclaimed) because of me HAHAHA. Right now, he can't even resist sweet treats like ice-cream or cookies. We're getting so fat.

 photo 9CDE17B4-AB77-4357-AAF8-4E838B3CA278_zps9ydny8l2.jpg  photo 26632C13-10C5-477B-A5DB-B33EC200AA74_zps6lzo245j.jpg  photo 89C7AB94-F487-4824-A1F6-4B987AAA6D24_zps869glw9i.jpg

The next couple of days is gonna be a whirlwind for me as I rush to meet deadlines for my clients projects, and my own webstore. There's been so much pressure to get my site polished to perfection I'm starting to lose it. I'm falling short of the perfection I set for myself and I don't know how I'll ever get there. I'll probably launch the webstore in a few days though, so please do keep a lookout for it! Your support and suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

Let's hope that I still remember to enjoy the last of my holidays while I'm at that. Why does school start in a week?

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