When I come undone, you bring me back again.

4:49 PM

It's been forever since I came home from school without any pending work to be done. In fact, it feels so weird not having any assignments to rush at all. Well, this break is only temporary though. I'll pretty much be a slave to the assignments in days after the lecturers hand out the assignment briefs this week. And the previous hell weeks was only over like last Friday?? ):

Seriously I need my sem break. 

My mundane torturous school life aside, I went overseas over the past 2 weekends. Hahah yeah, in the midst of the school term and nearing the deadline of 2 major assignments. 

Not much pictures for my trip to Bangkok on the 11th to the 13th. I was basically shopping my ass away and now I'm really dead broke. It was a much needed shopping therapy though. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have lost my sanity with the overwhelming work load. 
But on a side note, the trip would have been better if I wasn't pick pocketed. It's probably one of the most painful lessons I had in life - never bring an expensive wallet overseas, together with your IC and membership cards. Thankfully I didn't lose too much cash cause I separated the places to keep them, but the loss of my birthday gift and having to pay a fine of $100 for the replacement of my IC is enough to kill me. Seriously fuck you pickpocket.

 photo 54505721-6E0F-4894-A248-591AB8C0F2D0_zps2ce6k5sy.jpg  photo 11EE758B-F3B1-41D3-B3A2-A46F4A311699_zpsuijyzvxp.jpg  photo C47A2A95-AEB1-41BB-974A-151A5BDA194D_zpsplphfjxy.jpg
 photo 43DE6585-958C-450A-B28C-28121C03B125_zpsbywu7jpl.jpg  photo F6717D04-1CF7-4815-BA26-2D2AB0BF9DC2_zpsg84qbliu.jpg  photo DC043FBF-CB13-4514-85F0-B089120EF6BF_zpsuvgaixlt.jpg

Spent the last Friday celebrating the submission of my assignments, which I can wipe my hands off totally for good. Goodbye dreamweaver, goodbye news writing, goodbye photoshop. Till I see you again in a week (or less).
Met Brandon's best friend who came back to SG to visit after moving to NY to study. Honestly I'm so envious that he's studying abroad and I can't wait to graduate with a diploma and then do the same. Money is gonna be a pain. But anyways, I haven't been to NY before and it seems like I may be able to go sometime soon (by shamelessly tagging along with Brandon). ^^
Later on that night after they parted ways, we had a dinner date at Shinkei buffet and it was really good!! I'm dying to go back there but it's so expensive ): I can't thank my boy enough for the treat. He knows I've been carving sashimi/Japanese cuisine lately so he made the reservations and said it was to cheer me up after my loss at Bangkok, and to celebrate the end of our hellish week. He always gives me the best, and as cliche as this sounds, I really feel like the luckiest girl with the best boyfriend one could ask for and I can't be more grateful for being this blessed.

After he sent me home, I basically spent the rest of my night packing for our Malacca trip the next day whilst watching some Japanese drama. I only had an hour's worth of sleep before meeting meeting him at his place with his family (I swear my eye bags were horrid cause I slept only 3 hours the day before) and off we went. I slept through the entire 6 hour long bus ride and woke up to a really nice hotel hehehe.
This is the second time I'm actually travelling with the Tan family, and Brandon's sister and her friend came along this time. And I'm proud to say that my fear of awkwardness is now totally non-existent. Hey, it's quite a feat for someone as awkward as me so don't laugh but applaud for me please.

 photo E254598D-1ECF-4A45-898F-70AA9E0E37CC_zps8lmesbbu.jpg  photo 1F3CE58E-4C71-4BE5-AE89-B400E1A8F6B7_zpseantzne3.jpg  photo 893147AF-7E56-4C9B-B49B-C4BF5D78C354_zpsb0dddyw4.jpg
 photo CD5329BD-A44E-420C-B612-8C0287B9A08E_zpsx80n6nxw.jpg  photo 3A55665A-0172-4979-98A3-033C0FF46204_zpsgzsrcsmz.jpg  photo BC400C47-066A-4EB5-9A05-C36663D4EB8B_zpsiuz9riu9.jpg
 photo A7875727-3701-4E5C-8B85-1778D8C46959_zpskc41ncjo.jpg  photo C6F41B65-3ED3-47BA-B14A-6959FD49F3D4_zpsp0tr0ayp.jpg  photo 4A77B6E7-1781-4066-8962-AA486EA481AF_zpsssj482t2.jpg
 photo 82BA6FBF-54EB-452D-B8E7-06F688799754_zpsicdvmctk.jpg  photo F27399B6-5041-467C-9AC1-28EF9E08E0F3_zpsgbm13au1.jpg  photo FD04DC1B-9F12-4ECF-AA65-33594B87DC75_zpsuwgnwn5e.jpg
 photo AE9B379A-7CE5-462D-B17B-47EDECB5638B_zpsj9xypbg1.jpg  photo D8078EA6-9D50-4C52-91F7-4C67C0B5F146_zps0xwxrpkz.jpg  photo 30FE55E0-8A11-4B65-A6F1-571DDFD131F1_zps0bnkp0zm.jpg
 photo 4ED73568-B323-45E4-BDB8-01AA1BA89DC2_zpsaeoyq441.jpg  photo 01F7ACE1-AABE-4924-B807-8F8549B9AE1D_zps1uyc904z.jpg  photo BBC5AFEB-2FF7-43E4-BCEC-B7759A6D5F46_zps78xkuqf1.jpg
 photo FCE28F74-7C55-4493-BB6D-815E2D5E9B2C_zpsnde5cfxr.jpg  photo 850D9DEA-88CB-449E-B6ED-5F704BA33114_zpsno0v2yrp.jpg  photo 700A2BAA-21FC-41FB-9850-90FD0B838D95_zpsopejkwho.jpg
 photo FA34A051-8B63-4A90-B133-74063A87A5CC_zpsxwqputk0.jpg  photo 2AF0A841-20A1-4F3B-B61E-2B500137A7D9_zpsdnvqrgqj.jpg  photo 151C6EA9-6B99-4F45-8135-C04F49F38086_zpsopapxwuu.jpg
 photo 9831884E-C72A-42C7-BFD5-9552AAF10B3E_zpsi2raqwkj.jpg  photo 9BF7EC09-2A96-46F5-9A4A-4F923BF36848_zpsojwk8uhc.jpg  photo 5DA1A4F0-0014-439B-9C95-BF819034BCAB_zpssaedeufj.jpg
 photo 19CA6B40-001D-44A5-B6AA-8FD6FA5B4A3E_zpsaah7bnsz.jpg  photo 91FB63DA-5B89-42FD-BC94-8CEA5A9277C7_zpsmhv09dz6.jpg  photo EA92476A-A35A-4B90-AB71-C3AA0C157FE2_zps5uzjy0pf.jpg

(how do you like our flower power combi? LOL. I think the tropical/floral T-shirt I got him from Bangkok is super nice and fits him really well.)

Went to their Chinatown and we really ate a lot. Like, a lot. I officially exceeded my calorie intake by like 400% but calories don't matter when you're on a vacation now do they. Got some clothes for my sister and bought some tea flowers for myself too. And I tried fried ice cream for the very first time and I loved it!!
Funny thing is, despite eating so much, after a movie marathon in our room, Brandon and I got hungry at 2AM and decided to hunt for a 24hr mac nearby, which we had our fills back in the room. It's been a really fatty weekend indeed for the both of us.

The next day was kinda just chilling around before checking out and leaving at 2PM. I think our biggest regret for this trip would be not bringing our swimwear and our gym clothes (laziness got the better of us) cause the pool was really nice and they had such good gym facilities... ):
After having clay pot rice for dinner once we were back in Singapore, we headed to the gym at my place for the sake of our crying bulging bellies HAHAH. Really got some working out to do after my recent binges - at bangkok, at the buffet and lastly at Malacca.

That pretty much summarises the highlights of the past two weeks. The recent weekend was especially enjoyable with all the food ventures and I can't wait to develop the rolls of film from this trip and the previous few. 

I guess travelling with my boy would be one of my most favourite things to do. :) Hopefully, there'll be another one soon. And there's also other plans to go to Japan with Ziman and the rest after their A's. Omg I can't wait for my next travel. Am itching to consolidate all of my iPhone and film photos from my travels to make an album or something too hmm.

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